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November 7, 2017


Hello to All of my Mennonite, Dominica-Team Friends...


It is has been a some weeks since I have last communicated with some of you per Dominica. (and for some of you, we probably have ever never met -- but your contact info was provided to me from Chester Toews.)  --- So thought I would catch up so has not to be a total stranger... You are probably following along, but things on Dominica are slowly inching forward with more progress in Roseau and Portsmouth than most other areas. I remain in contact with Tony on a daily basis and he is hanging in there... adapting – as you know he has the strong ability to do so. None the less, his psyche to some degree, like with all Dominicans, has been seared by the destruction and ongoing change in daily life. It took him awhile before he really started sharing some things with me but in true Tony fashion he is always more concerned for others than himself.  Living in Coulibistrie, his 3 boys are with him. He got involved with an organization from Switzerland, International Organization for Migration (IOM) who came on island to assess home and building damage island-wide and then train others to put on roofs and other repairs... He is going to do this for a month and or longer or on an as needed basis. --- His description of traveling across island to the Central Interior ,North, NEast and East ... well, what he said was, “...that those on the west coast got it bad but not so bad as those other areas.” He was awe stricken by the heavier destruction. He has also commented on the incredibly poor construction, especially of roofs, and how more often than not, code was not followed at all. ---  The one daily thing that continues to strongly catch his attention is, how dark it is at night. He comments frequently about this. 


On a “ self” note, several have inquired as to when I might be heading back to the island. I probably would have been down there by now but I have a torn meniscus in my left knee that is seriously impairing my walking mobility... surgery to repair is hopefully forthcoming, soon. – So perhaps will be able to make the trip down sometime soon in the new year.


Meanwhile, I am trying to do some things from a stateside point that hopefully will make a difference. I want to share 2 of those things with you. ---- Obviously, there are Many good places / opportunities that one might make a contribution aimed at Hurricane Maria relief efforts on Dominica. That said, Lifeline Ministries Dominica / Tina Alexander does not have an online fundraising mechanism in the US, Canada or other countries sans for England.  That opportunity now exists as described in #1 below.    


#1 --- When Tropical Storm Ericka struck Dominica 2 years ago my wife, son and I initiated the “Supporting Hands Network” (SHN) an organization that brought other not-for-profit charitable organizations together to promote one another and to raise funds for new computers and other items in helping Coulibistrie primary school replace what was lost in the Erika flood. This effort was successful.  


Now, I would like to announce that SHN is providing a means through the SHN website ( for online donations from the US and around the world, to contribute to “Lifeline Ministries Dominica.”   This funding mechanism provided by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, allows that 99% of ALL contributions can be forwarded to Lifeline.  


Prior, Lifeline Dominica has only had means of online contributions for those living in England (Euro & Pounds). As you know Tina Alexander, through Lifeline and her team, regularly do an immense amount of work in helping those most in need on Dominica and needs frequently not taken on by government or other organizations. Now, after Hurricane Maria, Lifeline is overloaded with many more humanitarian needs and actions than ever before.  Consequently, I hope that by providing this means of donation that more might get involved in supporting Lifeline’s work on the island. Please learn more by visiting: ... from here you will also be able to quickly access the Lifeline website to learn more about that organization’s etc.


The only thing that I am asking is that you share this information, this opportunity, the website link within your network &  local community  – friends, churches organizations, businesses and beyond as you deem appropriate. When sharing, please be comfortable to describe the opportunity in words that are most sensible from your perspective..



#2 --- A couple of weeks ago, Tony asked that I arrange the purchase of 2 generators for himself and his nephew Monason to be shipped to Dominica. They have scrapped together the cash for this purchase and are ready to provide me the $ to cover the costs.  Neither asked, nor made a mention to me for $$ help. That said, on my own, I am led to ask if between some of us we might chip in on these purchases to ease their financial burden. They won’t just be using the generators for themselves at home and sharing with neighbors, but also in their carpentry work as they help many others rebuild.


I have made arrangements for 2 new WEN generators (9000 SurgeWatt / 7000 RatedWatt)... at a good reduced price of $700 each (I am not getting these online as I wanted to see what was being bought and shipped); as well, the trucking fee from North Central Kansas is being reduced from $300 to $200; I’m not certain of the shipping cost from Miami to Dominica yet, but know they are providing discounts at this time & probably will be less than the cost to Miami.


Total cost, including taxes + shipping to Miami is $1,700 + shipping to Dominica. Members of my family and some other close friends are contributing... for others that can or want to get involved just let me know and I will provide instruction on how to send $... to me, any amount $10-$50 will be appreciated. This IS NOT associated with the Lifeline Ministries effort mentioned prior... but a personal thing for a good friend of us all.  --- Please, please do not feel obligated. I must be honest, it is a bit awkward for me in asking my friends and acquaintances for money even for this worthy cause... but, on the other hand, I would want you to ask me if you were dealing with a similar thing.


I hope that this finds you all well.






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