The Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey, located in Bridgeton, New Jersey, is a drug and alcohol addiction assistance and rehabilitation organization, accepting clients from the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware tri-state area and beyond.

Formally Faith Farm Recovery Addiction Center

ERC-NJ provides the only adult, long-term residential drug and alcohol program
in the  New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware tri-state area.



21 Stretch Road

Bridgeton, NJ 08302-9295


Office: 856.575.0500 
Fax: 856.575.0505

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Martin Chase  ~  David Nichols

  President / CEO            Executive Director

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The Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey (ERC-NJ) is a drug rehabilitation service provider, licensed by the State Department of Health Pennsylvania, (New Jersey license pending) that is tailored to meet the needs of people who suffer with substance dependence. 


ERC-NJ’s mission is to aid and support the rehabilitation of current adult substance abusers to develop new and healthier ways of coping with life.  Treatment services are provided to both male and female clients, ages 18 and over. Professional, certified staff provide all clinical and case management services.


We at ERC-NJ seek to help individuals understand their problems through therapeutic processes.  Programs are developed based on the assessment of the individual client’s needs, with the goal of helping them develop alternative patterns of behavior and life skills needed to maintain a drug-free, productive lifestyle.  Because we are a holistic program we prepare our clients to be reconciled and restored to their families and the community.   We provide programs several times each year for the children of our clients.


The Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey is governed by a local board of directors that works closely with several community agencies.  We welcome other community partners.


Martin Chase - President / CEO


Martin Chase - President / CEO -- Empowerment Resurrection Center of New JerseyThe Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey was founded by Martin Chase, its President and CEO. Born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania, Mr. Chase first recognized the need for and opened a treatment facility for substance abuse in his home town.  This effort, The Empowerment Resurrection Center of Chester, is still in operation today.


Mr. Chase has over 15 years of practice working with people who are battling addiction and the  personal problems associated with the illness. His personal involvement with substance abuse and continuing recovery additionally provide an understanding of the experience and insight to treatment.


Currently, Mr. Chase is an administrator at the New Castle County Detention Center. Formerly, he held the position of Therapeutic Director of the renowned Key Program based in the Delaware prison system, and was a supervisor of the federal Reentry Program for the state of Delaware.   He has been employed by several treatment facilities including the Mirmont Texas Center and Keystone Center.


Martin has been drug free for 16 years.  His strongly believes that anyone who is addicted can overcome that addiction if they have the tools to deal with their dependence, a spiritual base, opportunities to contribute to society in a productive way, and a supportive community.


His vision to create an outpatient, residential and transitional / recovery housing program to help the residents of Chester transcends itself to the New Jersey facility.  His vision, outpatient drug and alcohol counseling, is now an expanding reality.


ERC-NJ's goal is to provide a holistic approach to treatment and to offer services to anyone in need.


"No addict seeking recovery from addiction has to die from active addiction."
-- Martin Chase   ...Married with three children, Mr. Chase is an active member of his church.


501(c)3 non-profit organization

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