The Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey, located in Bridgeton, New Jersey, is a drug and alcohol addiction assistance and rehabilitation organization, accepting clients from the New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware tri-state area and beyond.

Formally Faith Farm Recovery Addiction Center

ERC-NJ provides the only adult, long-term residential drug and alcohol program
in the  New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware tri-state area.



21 Stretch Road

Bridgeton, NJ 08302-9295


Office: 856.575.0500 
Fax: 856.575.0505

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We appreciate your interest in volunteering at The  Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey and encourage you to become a member of our team! 


We thrive on volunteers!


Volunteers encourage our clients as they bravely conquer their addiction.  Volunteering is also rewarding for those who participate and willingly give of their time


To begin the Volunteer application process, please proceed with the following steps:


   1. Review our

        • Volunteer Opportunities List (see below)

   2. Familiarize yourself with our
    • Volunteer Guidelines    View Guidelines

   3. Fill out & submit our Volunteer
    • Application Form (see white box at right)
    • Criminal Record History Release Form
Learn more about the CRHR form

-- Office Hours --

Monday – Friday
7am – 3 pm


View Volunteer Guidelines


Additional Information

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       Fill out and send to:

21 Stretch Road

Bridgeton, NJ 08302-9295


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       Volunteer Opportunities

                                                                                                                * No direct contact with clients in treatment


  • Filing and light office work

  • Direct mail campaigns

  • Newsletters/flyers



  • Organize and create Excel spreadsheet
    of inventory for the lending Library

  • Assist with maintenance of Outlook

    distribution lists

  • Social Networking-Facebook/Twitter



  • AA/NA/GA/ Speakers

  • Educational Services


Group Leaders

  • AA/NA/GA/Alanon Meetings


Sports / Recreation

  • Drivers-Client appointment to Dr.,
    Social Services, Etc.

  • Chaperone for outing events

  • Arts & Crafts classes

  • Fitness instruction


   ► View Volunteer Guidelines



  • Registration deck for hosted presentations

  • Refreshment coordinator for family visitations


Community Outreach*

  • Distribute marketing materials throughout community


Food & Beverage

  • Wash dishes, serve, and/or assist in food preparation

  • Refreshment coordinator for family visitation


Grounds and Maintenance

  • Painting, mowing, trimming bushes, etc.


Snack Shop

  • Stock and price inventory

  • Sales clerk


House Keeping

  • Dusting & vacuuming of Administrative Building,
Center & client lounges

  • Change-ETC Building


Criminal Record History Release Information


The  Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey Volunteer Program requires volunteers 18 years and older to complete a Criminal Record History Release Form to protect our volunteers, employees and clients. Upon the anniversary of volunteer status, an updated Criminal Release form must be signed for continued volunteer privilegesVolunteering is conditional upon the determination of Faith Farm, Inc. after review of the applicant’s individual criminal history. 


The release and authorization acknowledges that The  Empowerment Resurrection Center of New Jersey may conduct a search for and obtain any criminal or civil history record information pertaining to an individual which may be in the files of any Federal, State or Local criminal justice agency in any state or province or any information as deemed necessary to fulfill the volunteer requirements. 


501(c)3 non-profit organization

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