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Same as what is on page 1 but broken down a bit...


House Inventory & Review  

General observations… (and suggestions)  -- not suggesting that all needs to be addressed and or considered at once but perhaps on a prioritized basis as is tactfully appropriate.


Key: Blue Highlight – needs more immediate or initial attention 
       Gray Highlight (-) – secondary attention



Tony’s observed list of needed house repairs

·         East patio - Large window

·         West room - window

·         Master bedroom Porch - Rotten outside Roof ceiling in

·         Top Floor - Tile floor in Bath to fix
Ground floor - large porch ceiling (is open) has leak coming from master bed room

·         Guttering – 80% joint Silicon rubber to stop leaking / drop pipe needed in one spot

·         Ceiling fans in bedrooms – need 3 (says guests are often very hot at night)




Greg’s observed / suggested list per Review



·         Ceiling fan – need one

·         Need new Fridge (white)

·         Need new Microwave to match stove and other appliance 

·         Dishwasher, take it out or get a white one – never used

Kitchen Table area

·         Chairs, (6) need touched up – one or 2 are broken

·         Fan – ceiling – needs one


Dining Room / Family Room

·         Remove Rug– there is one under the table… very dirty & noticeably tattered

·         Fan (celling)  – one has broken light pull string

·         - Lamps / floor lamps in corner(s) for better ambiance

·         Table – fix broken chair


Living Room (large room)

·         - Couch, love seat, (need cleaned, one ripped)

·         - Rug in middle of floor … very dirty needs cleaned

·         - End tables (2) ok… need something on them, maybe lamps – very dim in here

·         - Lamps - table or floor – to improve the lighting

·         - Coffee table (1) matches end tables… Fathead broke the 2 pieces of glass on its top

·         Fans – floor or ceiling to help with circulation in here


Bathrooms … all 4 of them

·         - Curtains on windows to ensure privacy

·         Shower heads need repaired or replaced – streaming very low

·         Sinks – drainage is an issue in some



·         - Additional accent pieces

Stair Steps – both

·         Signage that warns to be VERY careful – (both are fall hazards for those not accustomed)


Laundry Room

·         - Washer  - maybe okay for now

·         Dryer – need one



·         - Beds & mattress covers -- mattresses show a lot of bad staining & wear per Fathead use; likewise, mattress covers.


·         Upstairs

o    Fans – floor or ceiling needed

o    - Ensure tile in bathroom is fixed.


Office – Could be used as another bedroom, if so…

·         - Bed, needs one

·         - Curtains – the one hanging needs to be reconsidered

·         - Door – it’s glass, so needs a curtain too.

·         - Furniture – other bedroom furniture & lighting


Secondary Bedroom - off Living Room

·         Curtain – needs one for privacy

·         Fan – floor or ceiling


Master Bedroom

·         Bed is still tore up from Fathead – though repaired some, coming apart again

·         Fan ceiling fan – hums loudly – probably need floor fan in here too

·         - Floor or bedside lamp – for ambiance



Main Room Downstairs

·      - Other lighting

·      - Need Television

·      - Ceiling lights in basement do not have covers …bare bulbs only


South Downstairs

·         - Table lamps – need some


North Downstairs

·         Dressers need lots of work to be refinished

·         - Table lamps – need some

·         - Curtains – need some

·         Fan – floor or ceiling – gets very hot here

·         - Bed is seriously stained from Fathead’s kids


Overall Porches

·         On All Porches: Chairs, benches, etc – Greg has some ideas about this

·         Hammocks – need several: South America / Mayan / Columbian style only – they are more durable, comfortable and stable


Overall House

·         Wall Decoration throughout house – Greg has large selection of Dominica themed photos that can be enlarged



For Consideration

Privacy Partition, Basement Stairwell to include a door (bottom entry to stairs) between basement and main floor – fso as the basement might be made more private when different sets of guests are occupying the main floor and basement at same time. I believe there is a tasteful, tactful, economic means of doing this; Tony & I discussed possible options when I was down there last April. 

*IF the mother’s in-laws quarters were ever to be used by guests this would also provide another option for Tony / you / me to stay in the house at the same time while continuing to provide privacy, via outside basement access entrance.